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Hive Hosting

What is hive hosting?

Like many other beekeepers, Tauzer Apiaries provides pollination to local growers during certain times of the year. Outside of these pollination seasons, our bees need different locations to spend their “pollination vacation”. Landowners lease us space on their properties to place hives.

How do I know if I have enough property to hive host?

While properties differ in space and topography, we typically look for properties with more than 5 acres. Honey bees travel 1-3 square miles for forage and water. The larger the property, the more confidence that we have in sufficient forage and water. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller parcels won’t work. Feel free to contact us and we can talk about it!

Is your location a good fit for honey bee health?

Honey bee health is a high priority for Tauzer Apiaries. To ensure that a property is a good fit, we will look at your property together to determine if there is adequate forage and water supply for our bees. If an area does not provide substantial food and water sources, we will not place hives there.


Hive Hosts are compensated for seasonally used sites.

Community Support

We support our community in gratitude for your generosity.

Local Honey

Receive local, raw, natural honey from your property.

Help Honey Bees

Our bees are healthier because of our sustained Hive Host partnerships.

Interested in becoming a hive host Contact us to learn more. (1)